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Pastured Poultry

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Natural Tamworth Pork

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Pastured Lamb

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Hog island sheep products

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Walnut Hill Farm meat chickens are raised on pasture and rotated to provide fresh green grass. These chickens are fed a non medicated feed that does not include hormones or antibiotics.

At Walnut Hill Farm we start the day old chicks on a 20% protein non-medicated feed provided by Culpeper Coop. At four weeks of age the chicks are switched to a 16% non-medicated feed also from Culpeper Coop.

All chickens are fresh and processed on the farm each week and we do not add any preservatives or added flavorings to the birds.

Eggs are provided by our flock of Red Star layers. These laying hens are free ranged on pasture rotated weekly to provide fresh grass and insects.

Chickens are key to the Walnut Hill Farm fertilization program.

Tamworth Heritage Pork

Walnut Hill Farm pork is raised on soil  in large pens with deep bedded straw and hay. The pigs are allowed to root at all times. The pigs are raised humanely, tails are not docked, ears are not notched and teeth are not clipped.

All pork is fed a balanced ration of hog grower ration from The Amish and Mennonites. There are no hormones or antibiotics added to the feed. Additionally the pigs are fed eggs, hay, fruits & vegetables as available.

All Walnut Hill pork is Tamworth sired. Therefore all Walnut Hill pork is 50% to 100% Tamworth, which provides you with more flavorful pork.

Our bacon and most of sausage is free of MSG and Nitrates.  Please check the labels for any allergies.

Devon Beef

Walnut Hill Farm beef is raised exclusively on pasture and supplemented with hay as necessary to provide a total grass fed beef experience. The animals are raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones for an all natural grass fed, grass finished beef.

Our beef is dry aged for a minimum of 10 days at Fauquier’s Finest in Bealton, Virginia.

At Walnut Hill Farm we raise American Milking Devon, which the Pilgrims brought to America in 1623. In future years these cows will provide us with milk.

Pastured Lamb

Walnut Hill Farm lamb is raised on pasture and the spring lambs supplemented on grain, depending on pasture conditions.

All lamb is raised without the added use of added hormones or antibiotics. All lamb is less than one year old when processed.

In addition to commercial lamb, Walnut Hill has a large flock of Hog Island Sheep. Hog Island is a truly unique Virginia sheep and there are less than 200 breeding females remaining in the world. Only males are made available for your culinary pleasure, all females are retained in the flock.

This Hog Island lamb is truly unique with wonderful flavors not found in commercial lamb. This is a truly special treat when available. Please check for availability