Inaugural Post

Inaugural Post:  March 19, 2012


We’ve decided while we are reaching into the 20th Century it was probably past time for us to start a farm blog.  The Blog will replace the Newsletter and will have entries by both Jeff and Ginny, don’t worry we’ll sign the post so you’ll know who wrote it.  While Ginny will keep up with a Facebook page it is a bit limited and we thought the blog could be more of a journal for those who want to follow what we are up to.  It will also give us a chance to post pictures and talk about the subject, while Ginny likes the albums in Facebook a conversation about the pictures just does not work too well.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I’d like to talk about some of the changes here at Walnut Hill Farm for 2012.  It has already been an interesting year.


I finally got a new sign made for the driveway and today I added another one that lists the products.  So, the old, tired, white boards are now gone and spiffy new signs it in their place, while it is not completely installed the way I want it, it already looks far better than its predecessors.  Now to make an updated Hours sign and things will be looking up.

In the shop we now have a couple of new fridges; a store was closing so we had an opportunity to buy a few items.

  • The game plan for the new fridges is to keep the milk that is for standing orders totally separate from the rest to make it much simpler for me and you to know what is available.
  • We also have a fridge that we will use once we start processing the chickens in late April early May.  This will eliminate the coolers with ice here on the farm and make selecting a bird much simpler for you.
  • Now that we have a certified scale we will be selling the chicken by the pound.  So if you want a small bird the price will be less than for those that want a bigger bird.  We are also going to make some other changes to how we package the chicken, and some new poultry selections, more about that in future posts.
  • The last item is a cash register, not too big a deal for you all but once it’s properly programmed it will help us tremendously.


New for this year will be the Walnut Hill farm website.  As of this writing the website is live, we we’ll be making a few changes I’m sure as time goes on along including updated pictures for the site.  If you want o take a look the site is; let us know what you like or what you don’t like so we can make changes to keep it fresh for you.  We’re excited about this change and it will link to Facebook, the blog and other things as we deem them appropriate.


My old reliable camera finally bit the dust, I’ve gotten a temporary replacement and I have to say so far the pictures have been phenomenal!  So Facebook pictures, Website, and Blog pictures should be a better quality than those in the past.


The last change is that we are trying to manage gearing up for the selling season by not offering any CSA’s this year.  We struggled with this decision and while we found last year that having the CSA’s very helpful in the spring to get things going it hurt the cash flow later in the season.  I know quite a few of you enjoyed them and depending on how things work this year it is possible that we might offer some type of variation in the future.  I hope you will bear with us as we go through the process of growing our business (no pun intended) and finding the model that works best for us and for you our loyal customers.


Depending on what farmers markets we get into this year the farm store hours may be changing to accommodate my attendance at a couple of new markets.  Time will tell on this one, it may not happen; I just wanted to give folks a heads up.  The Markets Jeff will be attending are Dale City, Warrenton, and Thursdays atManassas.


I think this is all the dull boring stuff, I hope to make future posts more fun, with animal stories, pictures and the like.  One post will follow along with morning chores, another visits with different animals and maybe even taking you on a field trip or two with us, some may be farm related and some may not.  But I do promise to post more pictures and be less boring with the Happenings at Walnut Hill Farm as any farmer would tell you there is never a dull moment farming!


I hope you will be patient as we learn what we can and cannot do with this new medium I have ideas whether they will work or not is another story.


Thanks for reading and hope you’ll come back soon!