Field Trip April 10, 2012 to Mt Vernon

Why you may ask would we take a field trip to Mt Vernon, surely we’ve been there before.  Yes we’ve been to Mt Vernon a number of times, this trip however was to check on sheep.  You see Mt Vernon has the same breed of sheep we have at Walnut Hill Farm.  As a matter of fact the first two we ever owned were from Mt Vernon, and boy have we grown since that fateful day!

April 10th was a busy day in the livestock barns at Mt Vernon, you will get to see some of the behind the scenes stuff only a privileged few ever get to see so join us for a bit would you as we visit with Lisa and her staff.


The horses are getting their teeth floated as we arrive so we chat a bit about the horses and talk about how well Nellie did this winter.  We discuss her possible age and narrow it down to at a minimum 28 years old and she is doing well for that age.  He is working on a couple of Shires so we continue on to visit with the sheep.

Lisa is telling us they have 7 bottle babies this year and I brag that I don’t have any; little do I know what is to greet me in just a few days!  Of her bottle lambs only one is a female. She also has a couple of ewes that had lambing issues and we talk about that for a bit.


Then it’s off to the fun stuff!  We hop into a golf cart to go to the main house to check out the sheep.  There are several ready to retire this year and over 40 lambs to place into private hands, some may come our way so we want to get an idea what is out on pasture.  I asked Lisa how many twins this year and she replies it’s easier to tell me how many singles (less than 10) so they have a really large group of lambs that were not totally expected and it’s putting a strain on the pasture space.


While we are in the pasture talking about the sheep a group of kids come by and I was able to catch a lamb for them to check it out, needless to say they are thrilled!  I also talk to another couple about the sheep but I make sure to tell them I’m not a Mt Vernon employee but I do raise the same breed of sheep so I can talk about them with a degree of knowledge.  We then move on to the lower pasture by the farm and see what is there.  On the way back Jeff is distracted by the ox cart, so Lisa lets us pull it out and check out the construction to get ideas for our own cart.


Then we say good by to Lisa and wander the gardens for a bit.  I sure do wish I had some of the fantastic layouts that they have.  Jeff has an interesting conversation with one of the gardeners about heirloom fruits versus the commercial fruit we see now.  All in all an interesting trip through the gardens.


We hike back to the livestock area check out the turkeys that were pardoned last Thanksgiving, say good by to the horses and staff.  It’s been a god day; while it was farm related we did get to just chill out for a bit and play hooky from chores for the morning.