Farm Tours

We offer Farm Tours focusing on the farm ecosystem and our Heritage animals.  Farm Tours are by appointment only there is a fee for the guided tours.  Self tours are during farm store hours only and are limited to the area surrounding the farm store due to safety concerns for you and the livestock.   Our Heritage animals include; American Milking Devon cattle, Milking Shorthorn Oxen (Chip & Dale), Tamworth pigs, Hog Island sheep,  a Belgian horse, and a team of mules.  Based upon your group tour it may include a hayride or walk through the property while we discuss the benefits of rotational and multi-species grazing, planned or implemented conservation methods, Heritage livestock compared to modern commercial breeds examples are: Angus vs. American Milking Devon cattle; Suffolk vs. Hog Island sheep, etc.  We could also discuss future conservation plans for Walnut Hill Farm on an ecological, environmental, and Heritage breed level.

WHF will show you a modern approach to farming using the “old” breeds of livestock and methods.  Think about the animals that were raised and bred to work on a farm with little grain input; no added growth hormones or antibiotics; these are a perfect fit for a small family farm using a modern grass based philosophy in their operation.

The grass based philosophy we use in our operation is more in tune with the Heritage breeds than modern commercial livestock.  You will not see large scale confinement feeding, you will see animals on pasture harvesting sunshine while rotated through the farm to best utilize the grass and distribute their organic byproducts equally over the entire farm adding organic matter to the soil fertility and improving the health of the land.  The only exception to the pasture method of feeding are the pigs, they are housed in a large open hoop style building with large dirt floored pens filled with wood chips, mulch hay and other bedding materials, we do not raise them on concrete in small commercial pens.

You will learn how we reduce the pollutants from our farm keeping it out of the ponds, streams, lakes and bays.  Learn now we are encouraging wildlife through use of riparian areas.   We have had Bald Eagles feasting on some of our pastured chicken, Blue Herons fishing in the pond, turkeys and deer in the pastures and that is a welcome sight to see!

Experience Heritage animals on a working farm; see how we respect their historic traits while using modern farming practices.

Devon Cattle

Tamworth Pigs

Hog Island Sheep