Fall Chicken Special

It is back by popular demand.  What popular? What demand?  The fall chicken special is returning to Walnut Hill Farm.

 Once again this fall Walnut Hill Farm is having a fall chicken special.  The chicken special works on a CSA model of sorts.  Ready, here is how the special will work.  First you must pre-order the amount of chickens you are seeking to obtain; the minimum number of chickens that can be ordered is FIVE.  The catch is a $5.00 per chicken deposit is required to have your name added to the list.  While there is a minimum there is no maximum, with the exception of the amount YOUR freezer can hold.

 Using a CSA model, you are not guaranteed a weight; you are only guaranteed the number of chickens you order.  Additionally there is not a pre-determined due date for delivery.  Chickens growth is determined by biology, not by my wishes.  This is why a date is not guaranteed.  The magic number is 3.38 pounds, at current prices that would equal $11.00.  Any chicken weighing less than 3.38 pounds is a bonus for Walnut Hill Farm, any chicken weighing greater than 3.38 pounds is a bonus for you.  You can bet your bottom dollars that few if any chickens will weigh exactly 3.38 pounds.

 Of course there are additional requirements, such as all deposits must be received by our 34th wedding anniversary.  I guess that doesn’t help you any, deposits must be received by 4 p.m.12 August 2012.

 All the chickens you order must be picked up at the same time, not five this week and another five two weeks later.  Oh yes, for those with less than perfect knife skills, beware you are purchasing a whole chickens, with wings, legs, thighs, neck and back, strategically attached to the breast.  But this year I am adding a bonus.  For an additional cost of $1.50 per chicken, you may pick up your chicken at the farm so that we can give you instructions on how to cut up the chickens into pieces.  This will be a hands-on demonstration, and you will be doing MOST OF THE WORK.  This offer is only available at the farm.  We ask that you bring what you believe to be an appropriate knife to partition a chicken.  Class times will be on Sundays and Saturdays.

 The chickens being offered will be pasture raised Cornish-cross chickens.  I am not stating a number but there is a cut-off number that I have in mind, that is a way of saying don’t delay, sign up today.

 In order for this program to run smoothly, the following information will be required: your name (DUH), two methods to contact you, (email and phone number preferred), where you anticipate picking up your chicken (which market) and the super duper bonus: pick up your chickens at the farm and I will discount your total purchase by $5.00 (Think of this as an excuse to tour the farm.)

Now for the grand finale based on last years experience with the fall chicken special.  It is your responsibility to notify Walnut Hill Farm should your contact information change.  If we can’t notify you, your chickens and deposit will be forfeited, secondly all chickens must be picked up no later than 1 December 2012, or your chicken and deposited will be forfeited.

 This represents the basic terms of the Fall Chicken Special, but there is no shipping of chickens.