Enjoyable Exhaustion

 Enjoyable excited exhilarating exhausting evening. That describes Tuesday for me one of those enjoyable days when you can’t make it to ten when your head hits the pillow.  Yesterday was one of those days when you know you gave an honest day’s work to yourself.

 On paper it doesn’t sound all that bad.  First stake the tomato patch, not weed, or pick up rocks, just stake the tomato patch.  The only reason for staking the patch is waiting for the scalder to provide 147º F water so that chickens can be processed.  But with Ginny’s help the tomato patch was staked in the 90 minutes necessary for the scalder to reach the proper temperature.

 Now staking the tomatoes is hard and it is time consuming, the tomato patch is 7 rows wide with 32 plants per row, it is just a small patch.  The tomatoes were field staked meaning there is lots of twine involved.  Once the first task of the day was complete it was on to the second.

 The main task of the day was to process 24 chickens for the Wednesday and Thursday farmer’s market.  Twenty four beautiful birds for the enjoyment of others.  Yesterday’s assortment was 6 roasters and 18 fryers.  That doesn’t sound too bad.  But there is a lot more than just processing.  There is the pre-cleaning and post cleaning to the actual processing.  Remember I process chickens without assistance.  Is this process enjoyable no, not really, but extreme necessary to the overall goal of selling chickens?

Now that the chickens are on ice to cool down, it is on to the next task.  This should be an extremely easy task (boy I wish) that should only take a few minutes.  The task was to load three steers to take to the processor for additional beef in the freezer.  This easy task turned into an exhausting hike over hill, over dale, trying to single out three specific animals.  These tasks are always so much easier in your mind than in actuality.  With the three animals finally loaded, and a short twelve mile drive to the processor things were looking good.

All that remains now is to feed over one thousand animals, before a late supper.

There is something truly enjoyable about being so exhausted that you walk into the house plop down and go to sleep.  Thankfully it doesn’t happen every day, but when it happens you are thankful the next morning.  And the bonus for the day is one bright red neck and two scorched flame red knees.  Thank god for brown vinegar.

It isn’t pretty, it isn’t glamorous, it is part of farming.  If think you would enjoy such a day, stop by any Friday, when all that I have to do is feed one thousand animals and process 100 chickens for the weekend markets.  Stop by and enjoy the exhaustion.