Cotton Patch Goslings

Tuesday morning I was reminded of an Albert Einstein quote that I had on my bulletin board when I was a school teacher.  The reason I was thinking about the quote is because Tuesday morning we noticed three little fluff balls in with the Cotton Patch geese, yes we have a success.


In late winter we obtained a pair of Cotton Patch geese, with the hope of a successful mating.  As it turns out we had what we consider a fantastic success.  Keep in mind that success is relative.  If I was raising geese for a hatchery, 3 Cotton Patch goslings would be an utter failure.  Failure and success are relative 3 Cotton Patch is a huge success for us.


Cotton Patch geese are an extremely rare variety of geese, and usually you have to get a pair from another farmer.  Yes there may be a hatchery or two that might have a limited number, either way these guys are not main stream.  So, three is a fantastic feeling.  Ginny believes that of the three there are two females and one male.


Standard geese arrive from the post office all over the country all spring.  In fact 80 geese arrived here that way two weeks ago.  Acquiring geese that way is not very exciting, but the geese have to come from somewhere.  It will take us several years before we have Cotton Patch to start another farmer, but as a heritage breeder we have to find the next interested farmer.  Furthermore, most of the standard geese are a result of an incubator.


Our goose patiently set on her eggs for the required 28 days, and she hatched her own eggs, no machine required.  We would have had much greater success had we collected the eggs daily, forcing her to lay more eggs and then using an incubator.  When you do that, mom will not raise the goslings.  This way mom teaches her babies how to be geese.  This is a greater accomplishment for nature.  With hope, she will prepare her goslings for next years breeding season.


  • I know that I mentioned Albert and didn’t give you the quote on purpose, and I also mentioned relative, which is not relative (E=MC2).  No the Einstein quote I was thinking about was “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted”.